This small village has been the site of one of the AIF' s most successful battles, fought on 4 july 1918.

Enterely under AUSTRALIAN planning and command , the victory established the pattern for allied  operations on the western front.

Lieutenant-general SIR JOHN MONASH became the first Australian to command the Australian corps on 30 May 1918.

On 4 july 1918, in  a major action, Australian corps captured LE HAMEL and VAIRE wood in an attack that became a model for futures battles .

Our small association "PANSY of HAMEL " propose to you a guided tour of the Australian battlefield  of  Le HAMEL with a cart pulled by  our draught-horse (PANSY).


Now, we offer to you a quick visit (1h30) of the Australian battlefield of HAMEL, allowing you to see the plate ROSS BASTIAN in front of the church,german line and the australian front line on the west of HAMEL,  PEAR trench, KIDNEY trench, HUNS walk, VAIRE wood.


In the cart ,we can take five persons.

The fare  for cart with guide is 25€ for an hour and an half by person.


If you prefer to see more sites around VILLERS-BRETONNEUX,we could come with you in your car, for a charge of 25 euros by an hour.


You can see all the photos of  PANSY  on http://penseedelehamel.blog4ever.com,


See also the FACEBOOK page "HAMEL AUSTRALIAN battlefield tour by draught-horse".


Excepted opposite indication, photos were made by EDDY DEFRAIN or Muriel DEFRAIN for the association "PANSY of  HAMEL".


to contact us: bernard.defrain@sfr.fr or penseedelehamel@gmail.com



We are Somme Battlefields' Partner, a label created by the Comité Départemental du Tourisme de la Somme, Chamber of Commerce of Péronne, the Somme 1916 Museum and the Historial de la Grande Guerre of Péronne. The purpose of the label is to provide a reference guaranteeing a quality welcome throughout the territory.